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Brick Sports

Brick Sports was established in 2021 in Columbus, Ohio to address and support developmental sports at all levels, in a fun and safe environment. In doing so, Brick Sports has created a program that improves the physical and emotional lives of current and former athletes. Harnessing the power of sports to inspire positive social change.

The Registration "Home" is not currently available.

Jr. Brick & Ladies Brick

Please select the Leagues Tab next to the Home Tab on the computer site above and select the actual league your child will participate in.  If your on your phone select the three bars located in the top left corner. Then select the arrow next to the Tab Leagues.

Jr. Brick Team, Jr. Brick Individual, Jr. Brick Little Dribblers,  Ladies Brick Team, Ladies Brick Individual, Ladies Little Dribblers 

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Brick Sports

Phone: 614.439.5946

Hard Work Beats Talent, When Talent Fails To Work Hard! 

Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance!

Never Give Up, Don't Quit!

Nobody Cares, Work Harder!

Building stronger communities brick by brick